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With most of the world “going online”, social media has become the most successful marketing tool.  For this reason we offer social media marketing and content development.  It is a powerful way to connect with your customers.  In addition, it can help increase your brand visibility and skyrocket sales in a way that’s fast and cost-effective.  Consequently, Current Consulting has become East London’s respected Facebook Management specialists.


For one thing, Social Media should form the foundation of every brand’s marketing and communication strategy.  It allows you as a business, to start a conversation and talk directly to your customers. Unlike the one-way conversation of traditional marketing, you can go beyond that and build a direct connection with your customers.


Furthermore, Social media marketing opens the door of a business to the world. When you share content via social media, you’re giving your customers more opportunities to visit your website, click through pages, and read your owned content.


Not only will social media level the playing fields, but also enhance your sales efforts through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn.


Finally, are you ready to invest in your online marketing and content development?

so… what do we offer in the way of online marketing and content development?







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