About us

our name

The company name Current Consulting was developed with the veracity that the fundamental needs and challenges that face businesses currently, won’t be the same in the near future.  The currents of the ocean change frequently.  Likewise so will the dynamic service offerings of Current Consulting, in order to meet the ever-changing marketing needs of our clients. In addition, the tides of the sea move and change direction and so do communication channels, target markets and methodologies. As business owners we need to adapt to this.

our vision

The vision of Current Consulting is aligned to the love we have for the ocean.  It displays many characteristics that we would like to instil in Current Consulting.  Not only fluidity, flexibility and fun but also ever-changing, in order to meet our valued clients marketing needs. 

our aim

Current Consulting is set up as a dynamic solution-based company.  In addition, we want ensure our clients receive the service, advice and ultimately the designs required. The Current Consulting crew is passionate about the work we produce and even more focused on seeing happy clients.

Candi Ferreira

Candi Ferreira

In addition to being a qualified Graphic Designer with over 14 years’ experience in Graphic Design, Online Solutions and Events, she also worked for well-established corporates. Not only was she the past Editor of the Business Hi-Lite magazine, she also loves being creative. Having the opportunity to work on different dynamic design projects, she has a passion for creating brands. Moreover, she markets businesses effectively through various communication and marketing channels. An empath who cares deeply about others, Candi is a devoted mother, who loves baking and spending time relaxing at the beach or in the garden away from the hustle with her family.

Bonnie Currin

Bonnie Currin

Bonnie is a marketing whiz by qualification and experience. She is enthusiastic about assisting clients with their branding and marketing requirements. In addition to her extensive senior corporate experience in Marketing, HR and Leadership, she is also passionate about consulting with businesses. Undoubtedly, Bonnie wants to influence success. Moreover, she is a dynamic individual who thrives on developing others. She does this through her blog, mentorship programmes and association memberships. Apart from being industrious in the business world, she is either training for Comrades or with her family on a beach.  Besides all of the above, she still finds time for worthy community initiatives.

Bonnie Currin

Catherine Lee

Not only a free spirited creative person but also armed with a Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design. Catherine has 6 years  experience in design. As a result of being a  Freelancer she built up an impressive portfolio over a dynamic client base.  Furthermore, she has a passion for creating designs across a client’s diverse portfolio needs. Besides progressing with online marketing trends, Catherine also assists clients with their social media and online communication strategies. A zealous ocean lover: not only has she been selected as a member of the Border Surfing team 8 times, Cathrine also travels across the beautiful South African coastline representing her Province.

Current Consulting Values

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