where it all started


our name

The company name and brand was developed with the veracity that the fundamental needs and challenges that face businesses currently, won’t be the same in the near future. As the currents of the ocean change frequently, so will the dynamic service offerings of Current Consulting to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. As the tides of the sea move and change direction, so do the technologies, methodologies and legislation we face in the world of work.

our vision

The vision of the company is aligned to the love we have for the ocean which displays many characteristics we would like to instil in Current Consulting such as fluidity, flexibility, fun and of course, ever-changing. 

our aim

Current Consulting is set up as a dynamic solution-based company forming the necessary collaboration partners to ensure our clients receive the service and advice required. The crew is passionate about the work we produce and even more focused on seeing happy clients.

Bonnie Currin

Bonnie Currin

A marketing whiz by qualification and experience, Bonnie is extremely enthusiastic about assisting clients with their branding and marketing requirements. With extensive experience to back her up, she is passionate about consulting with small businesses to influence success. A dynamic individual who thrives on developing others through her blog and weekly radio feature. When she’s not being industrious in the business world, she’s either training for Comrades or with her family being active, yet finds time for worthy community initiatives.

Belinda Book

Belinda Book

Introducing our Creative Director Belinda! A free spirited and creative soul. As a visual communicator, she creates art with purpose. Using technology to transform an idea or solve problems to achieve client objectives while adapting to any required look and feel. She’s passionate about learning and building upon both her professional strengths and those in her team. When she’s not behind a computer she’s in her element outdoors becoming one with her inner yogi bear.

Current Consulting Values

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