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Current Consulting is an East London based digital marketing company  

Current Consulting is a digital marketing company.  We are entangled in creativity and ideas are limitless.  With marketing and graphic design qualifications, our team is passionate about creating brands. Moreover, we want to market businesses effectively. We do this through various communication and digital marketing channels.

As the currents of the sea move and change direction, so do the technologies, methodologies and economies we face in business.  Even more so since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Covid-19 has necessitated that many businesses run marketing campaigns online.  Therefore, as lockdowns became the new normal, businesses and consumers increasingly “went digital”.  For this reason, an unprecedented and unforeseen growth has occurred in the digital and e-commerce sectors.


Dynamic, Digital and Solution-Based

Current Consulting is a dynamic digital marketing and graphic design solution-based company. For one thing, we are set up to provide clients with the service and advice required to effectively develop and promote their unique brand.  In addition, Current Consulting can provide a significant amount of value to any organisation. Furthermore, our aim is to help our clients develop strategies for growth as well as manage projects.

Undoubtedly, we help businesses improve performance and make necessary changes to achieve success in our new online society.  Over and above this, we assist businesses in overcoming challenges, increase revenue and grow.



What most people don’t realise is that creative thinking is a highly prized attribute in practically every industry.  As a result, design and its principles have a greater impact on our lives than we might imagine. From our physical surroundings and infrastructure to the things we wear and buy.  Indeed, everything around us is embedded with design.  Therefore, design not only enhances the economy but is leading it into the future.

Current Consulting is a creative and business savvy company.  This is a great combination to enhance our client’s brands through customised digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media and Website Design projects Consequently, we are enthusiastic about assisting clients with their design, branding and marketing requirements.

In conclusion

Why would you want us to help you? Because you can allow us to be creative in expanding your brand.

so… where can we add value?

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website design & development

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Over our six years creating magic, we have enchanted clients with our service, enthusiasm and skills

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Marissa Nel • Marissa Nel Associates

I have been consistently impressed with their design skills, professionalism and commitment to our organization. They undertake projects that require both high levels of creativity and technical skills and frequently work under very tight deadlines. It is very beneficial having Current Consulting managing all our marketing requirements as they understand the vision of our business and are excellent in articulating our brand visually.

Kevin Marlow • Vision Consulting

The Current Consulting team under the knowledgeable guidance of Bonnie Currin have always been very approachable and professional in their interaction regarding the suite of services they offer. There is a sense of “energy” and “creativity” in the business when discussing either marketing, social media or website requirements.

Brodi Deere • White Collar Financial Advisors

Working with the team from Current Consulting was effortless and such a pleasure! They offered us knowledgeable advice from both technical and creative aspects and really helped us create the online platform that we were looking for!

Warren Joy Duffield • Beauty Academy

Current Consulting has given us a huge help with our Facebook page and revamping our website into a vibrant, colourful and modern site with online shopping! I highly recommend making use of this very professional company!

Sonette Stander • Kei Commercial

Bonnie and her team are of incredible help and value to my company. I can highly recommend them. Wonderful girls to deal with and they really listen very carefully and also very patiently guides a person through the process to finalization. Star team to work with.

Andre Wood • Broubart Security

Current Consulting has been our trusted and exclusive marketing and brand management company over the last three years. We highly recommend Current Consulting for their quality, service delivery, creativity, and expertise.

Gareth Krull • TFSD Concrete Products

We have been using Current Consulting as our outsourced marketing partner on a retainer basis for two years. We rely on them for our marketing strategy and implementation for online and print design requirements.

Murray Walker • Toboshane Valley Estate

We appointed Current Consulting as our preferred marketing partner for the launch of our upmarket housing estate two years ago and still rely on Current Consulting for all graphic design requirements.

Vaughan Kretzmann • Graylor Workwear

We rely on Current Consulting as our preferred marketing partner for all our marketing and design requirements. We have found Current Consulting to be very professional and creative and trust them fully with our brand.

Deidre Nxumalo-Freeman • DNF Waste & Environmental Services

We have been using Current Consulting for our marketing requirements for four years.  We are very happy with their services including graphic design, social media, public relations, vehicle & packaging design and so much more.

Rebekah Conway • Marais & Smith Chartered Accountants

We appointed Current Consulting to assist with the professional rebranding of our company which they executed to a very high standard.  We can recommend Current Consulting to any company wanting to partner with a professional team who have the expertise to create a brand you can be proud of.

Current Consulting Values

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